South Bend man arrested on animal abuse-related charges

(Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Jail)

A South Bend man faces multiple counts of using animals for dog fighting after causing the animals to begin fighting during a domestic incident.

Police were called to a home on East Indiana Avenue on Wednesday, April 1, on a call regarding animal abuse and arrested Damian Brent Newhouse, 42.

Newhouse’s wife called police after Newhouse allegedly put five dogs he had allegedly trained for fighting into a kennel, knowing the animals would turn on each other.

Investigators say the dogs began to fight and Newhouse then poured lighter fluid on top of the cage an an attempt to threaten more harm.

All five animals suffered injuries. One had serious injuries. Another had to be put to sleep.

Police also found paraphernalia used for dog fighting inside the home.

Newhouse is set to appear in court on Monday, April 6.


  1. He needs to be convicted and serve several years for this. This type of person does not need to be out on our streets walking. He is not good for society. Lock him up!!

  2. Lock up that crazy sadistic phycopath we dont need them walking amoung society to torture pitbulls and other animals!


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