New 2020-21 school year plan proposed for South Bend Community Schools

(Photo supplied/South Bend Community School Corporation)

There’s a new plan in the works for South Bend Community Schools students.

Dr. Todd Cummings, Superintendent for the South Bend Community School Corporation, proposed Monday that all students begin the 2020-2021 school year with virtual learning. This would stretch from August 12th through the 28th.

At the end of August, students choosing to return to in-person learning will be gradually phased back into school buildings.

ABC 57 News reports a counter-proposal was also introduced at Monday’s virtual work session by the South Bend National Education Association, which called to extend the eLearning period to a total of nine weeks.

The original plan was to have students physically back in classrooms on September 1.

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  1. Is there a single scientific reason to keep kids out of schools? I have not come across one yet other than “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” and that is not very scientific. Teachers will be the only reason kids are kept out of schools. They simply would rather be at home while getting paid anyway.

  2. Wear masks like everyone else has to do. Put hand sanitizer in every room and enforce use when entering the room just like everyone else has to do! Back to school! These kids aren’t learning squat this way!!


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