Sen. Young on the importance of the National Defense Authorization Act


The U.S. House has passed a renewal of the National Defense Authorization Act — which outlines funding that is allocated by Congress to the U.S. Department of Defense.

The renewal advanced with a bipartisan, veto-proof majority of 295 to 125.

The bill is worth 740-billion-dollars. Among the biggest parts of it are a 3-percent for military members — something Sen. Todd Young (R) of Indiana certainly supports in the Senate’s version of the bill.

“It’s really important that we pass this bill, not just to ensure our troops understand how much we appreciate them during these dangerous times by giving them and their families a pay increase,” Young said. “We have defense workers in Indiana and all around our country who rely on passage of this legislation.”

He says it’s important the Senate pass the renewal in a bipartisan manner, saying the bill is just as important financially to Indiana’s and the country’s economy. The House bill sets aside $5 million for a pancreatic cancer detection initiative headed up by the D.O.D, an amendment authored by Indiana Congressman Andre Carson (D).

“I want to thank my House colleagues for supporting this amendment, which will help our nation better fight pancreatic cancer and save lives,” Carson said. “The recent passing of Rep. John Lewis … from this aggressive illness reminds us all why it is critical that we ramp up our efforts to detect pancreatic cancer earlier.”

The House bill also mandates that any military bases flying Confederate flags take them down and has similar stipulations for renaming any military bases named after Confederate military leaders, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina. President Trump has threatened to veto the bill if those stipulations remain in place.


    • Bye Bye Senator Young! The list is growing for people who we Indiana voters will not be supporting again. It is getting quite large and sadly we Hoosiers can expect it to keep growing because our “leaders” are not listening here in Indiana and are not doing what they know we voters want. Remember in November.

  1. Yeah, great job hopping on the panderwagon Senator Young. I wish you fought against cancel culture as hard as you fight for it!

  2. There were alot of confederate soldiers named “Young” I do believe Todd needs to change his name immediatly. There could be someone out there that is offended and we certainly can’t have that. Maybe we could decide what name he will have to go by. Just a thought.


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