Vice President Mike Pence to return to Indiana on Friday


If his kids were elementary, high school, or college-aged, former Indiana Governor and Vice President Mike Pence says he would send his kids back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pence is supposed to address the reopening of schools Friday night in Indianapolis in a meeting with leaders of higher education at Marian University. When he was in South Carolina Tuesday, Pence said there are “real costs” to keeping kids out of class and children have a lower risk of catching the respiratory illness.

“Children without a serious underlying condition have a very low risk of serious outcome to the coronavirus. Millions and millions of children rely on a school lunch program. There are children with learning disabilities who receive the counseling and the assistance in their schools that’s going unattended,” said Pence at the University of South Carolina Tuesday.

Pence thanked South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster for leading the way on getting kids back to school.

“We are with you,” Pence said. “We are going to work closely with your governor and all your state health officials to make sure the people of this state have the testing, the personal protective equipment, the therapeutics, and the supplies to meet this moment.”

Pence also said the White House is about to release another coronavirus relief bill, which has “bipartisan support.” He says education will be a big part of it.

Shortly after Pence’s talk with Marian University leaders, he and First Lady Karen Pence are supposed to return to Washington D.C. Friday night.


  1. I do believe mask should be opinional bc were still touching thing surfaces door knobs light switches door handles tables chairs etc especially for the kids going back to school if you feel like you should wear one you should older yes nursing homes yes hospital is yes but I don’t think I should be mandatory washing hands good hygiene we don’t know what the long-term effects of wearing this mess was going to do to our breathing in our lungs


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