St. Joseph County Health leaders issue series of recommendations to curb COVID-19 spread


The St. Joseph County Department of Health has made a series of recommendations to try to slow the current spread of COVID-19. The recommendations all center on the idea of hunkering down, once again, and avoiding social gatherings large or small.

The St. Joseph County Department of Health with support from St. Joseph County Unified Command, recommends the following:

• Avoid social gatherings and assemblies outside your immediate family/household.
• Support local restaurants through take-out rather than in-person dining.
• Pivot high school classes to virtual learning until after winter break. Depending on their
circumstance, each district may choose to have middle school go virtual as well.
• Pause all extracurricular activities or conduct them remotely as feasible. In the event these activities cannot be paused or done remotely, limit spectators to parents/guardians/siblings until after winter break.
• Encourage employees to work from home whenever possible.
• Encourage businesses and establishments to offer curbside and contactless options.
• Reward businesses committed to COVID-prevention practices with your shopping dollars.


  1. We’ve had pandemics in this nation before and survived them without closing down cities, businesses and schools. Health Departments set our people free!!

  2. By the way, they are not health leaders. Before covid they made annual inspections at our restaurants. They are no more qualified to make decisions concerning our children’s schooling and after school activities than the man in the moon. They are fine to check temps of refers and spot mouse droppings. After that, your guess is as good as theirs.

  3. Totally agree Jim. I’ve met several of them and we are not talking rocket scientists. Or any kind if science authority whatsoever. They County pays the least of all municipalities.

  4. They can kiss my butt. They are only doing knee jerk reaction. Heavy on “JERK”
    Talking about people in power that are in WAY OVER their head!!!
    My 8 Year old grandson has more common sense they the fools


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