Young congratulates Trump Administration for quick work on vaccines

(Photo supplied/U.S. Senator Todd Young)

Senate Republicans are giving accolades to the Trump Administration and America’s front line workers as two pharmaceutical companies have developed viable vaccines for COVID-19.

The two vaccines are from Pfizer and Moderna after they say their vaccine candidates have both shown over 90-percent effectiveness in clinical trials.

“They, of course, will be seeking FDA approval in the coming days,” said Indiana Sen. Todd Young (R). “And there’s some other drugs online that are notable as well. Eli Lilly, out of Indianapolis, Indiana, has a drug that is targeted towards those who are most at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.”

Young said without the help of Operation Warp Speed, which was pushed by the White House, these vaccines and treatments would likely not be possible at this juncture.

As those vaccines seek FDA approval, Young is now calling on his Democratic colleagues in the U.S. Senate to once again work with Republicans on passing a coronavirus relief package.

“We as legislators need to build on our CARES Act success by passing the next round of assistance,” Young said. “Small business assistance is especially important.”

He accuses Democrats are of pushing “ideological policies” in their versions of COVID relief. Young said now is not the time for that and that he feels portions of his RESTART Act, which are part of Republican versions of the relief bill right now, are the best way to go in order to help small businesses.


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