I&M crews helping restore power in storm ravaged West Virginia

(Photo supplied/Indiana Michigan Power)
(Photo supplied/Indiana Michigan Power)

While the state of Indiana tries to dig out of nearly a foot of snow, people who live in Kentucky and West Virginia are dealing with snow and ice.

Crews from Indiana Michigan Power traveled to West Virginia last week, when ice and freezing rain knocked out power for many people. Monday night, when this latest storm rolled through, they dealt with issues themselves.

“We’re actually in the dark,” said Doug DeBest, I&M Safety and Health Manager. “Shortly after getting back to the hotel, we lost power here.”

DeBest and his team are back to work today though.

“All of our bucket trucks and line trucks have chains on them now, and we’re trying to gain access up into the hills of West Virginia to get the power restored to the people up there,” DeBest said.


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