One person shot several times in South Bend

South Bend Police
Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC

South Bend Police are looking for a suspect in an overnight shooting that took place on the city’s Northwest side.

Officers found one person shot multiple times in a vehicle located on O’Brien and Elwood Avenue.

At this time there is no word on the victims condition.


  1. Just a reporting suggestion. The Chicago Sun and other news papers often publish a total summary of shootings and deaths after shooting stories. It cost between 8500 and 78000 dollars per gun shot victim to treat often unrecovered by hospitals, These shootings are both a human and financial tragedy for the region. By publishing totals, perhaps just perhaps the severity of the problem can help change it

  2. The people doing the shooting don’t read this site (or anything else), no do they pay taxes since they work in the unlicensed pharmaceutical industry.

    The one thing they do understand is long jail sentences, but we don’t use those anymore because somehow they just “aren’t fair”.


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