First flu-related death in Indiana prompts reminder to get flu shot

Image by LuAnn Hunt from Pixabay

The first flu-related death of the season has been confirmed in Indiana.

With that, health leaders are reminding Hoosiers to get their flu shots.

There is a concern that this year’s spread may be more severe, as fewer people are masked up to ward off COVID-19.

Last flu season, 7 people died due to Influenza.

The previous year, more than 130 Hoosiers died.


  1. So are we finally over counting all respiratory deaths and many ore as Covid deaths? Last year there were virtually NO flu deaths. So what happened? You can get run over by a dump truck and smashed to bits but if your body had any Covid virus the medical “profession” was incentivized to count your blunt force trauma death as a Covid death.


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