Michigan police want Lansing to address staffing shortages

("Police Blue Lights" by Ken Hawkins, CC BY 2.0)

Police agencies in Michigan are dealing with staff shortages.

Officials from a number of police agencies delivered that message to a state appropriations committee in Lansing on Wednesday.

WSJM reports that Bob Stephenson, the Director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, told the committee that departments statewide are having a crisis. Recruitment and retention efforts are having difficulty keeping up with the large number of job openings, which are being reported in 186 police agencies around the state.

State Representatives say they will explore possible solutions


  1. The Democrats control Michigan.

    The same Democrats pushing an anti-cop narrative.

    The same Democrats attacking police anytime they have to use deadly force against some people, based solely on skin color.

    The same Democrats who want to defund the police and put in social workers instead.

    The same Democrats who are mandating experimental injections across the country, forcing tens of thousands of police to leave their jobs.

    The Democrats CAUSED the police shortage. Somehow, I doubt the morons in Lansing are going to fix the problem they have caused.


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