In a Christmas movie rut?

(Tommie Lee)

A local publication has come up with a list of “alternative Christmas movies” that you can enjoy this year.

Many of us have a usual stack of films we like to watch every year around the holidays. If you feel like you’re in a rut, The Notre Dame Observer has put out a list of films that don’t get much attention, but should be considered Christmas movies.

The list includes Fanny And Alexander, Eyes Wide Shut, Tangerine, and the classic musical Meet Me In St Louis with Judy Garland.

The list didn’t include Die Hard 1 and 2, because the author argues the original action film has become “a Yuletide favorite.”


  1. In addition to the Die Hards, I’d suggest “The Ref” and “Trapped in Paradise” as good cheerful choices.

    The list itself is pretty bad. The author seems more concerned with being inclusive than making a good list. A full 33% of the movies listed are LGBT themed.


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