Two important dates for Hoosiers to remember

(95.3 MNC)

Secretary of State Holli Sullivan is reminding Hoosiers of two important upcoming dates.

Indiana’s voter registration deadline is Oct. 11. Registering to vote and checking your status can be done online at or at your local county election administration’s office.

In-person early voting begins on Oct. 12 and is open until Nov. 7. Election day is Nov. 8.


  1. We need to go to one day, in person only, photo ID required, open source voting machines only, and purple thumb dye.


    • agree I hope I am wrong but after what the demoncrats got away with in 2020 I have lost faith that our vote counts and am awful afraid that we will see this happen in every election now, esp. since they got away scot free with it. Indiana even had voter fraud so the Repubs are also guilty of it , namely the Rino’s. One thing for sure our forefathers would be turning over in their graves about all this crap. TRULY DISGUSTING!!!!!


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