Accuracy In Media to air longer video segments of administrators placed on leave

(Photo supplied/Accuracy In Media)

Following its hidden camera investigation in Indiana, which has outraged some parents and resulted in two administrators being placed on leave, the group, “Accuracy in Media, ” announced it will make available longer video segments than the first ones released.

Goshen and Elkhart School leaders believe the hidden camera video that aired on Fox News Channel and Casey Hendrickson’s program, last week, took statements from some administrators out of context.

The statements were about how the districts teach CRT under other labels. Accuracy in Media’s President says the extended video will show that nothing was taken out of context. The two administrators have been placed on leave.

Accuracy in Media is also demanding an apology from Goshen Schools for accusing them of manipulating the video.

Goshen Schools posted to Facebook that the administrator was secretly filmed under the guise of a couple posing as parents interested in enrolling their children. The district says the interview was edited and took the administrator’s comments out of context.

They also insist that Goshen Community Schools does not teach CRT.

The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction from Elkhart was filmed for the video. He, took as been placed on leave.

Elkhart Schools is calling upon the creators of the video, Accuracy in Media to release the entire footage of the interviews for their full context to be understood.

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DrScottD April 21, 2023 at 8:02 am

Thanks for sharing this with us. As a great grandfather, I would suggest parents pay attention to their children’s social and history classes if they don’t want this game taught as factual and relevant for our time in history.

Instead, I would prefer teaching the best ways to live and work with others in our lives. Not teach fake history like 1619 Project. We are all people. Let’s celebrate the fact that God made us in His image (selem) and likeness (demut), and created 2 types, male and female. His hope for the Family and structures of life, if taught, would help preserve God’s plan for each person, and prevent much of the idiocy and violence now spiraling from the crazed Left-wing MOB’s instruction and fundamental changes to God’s Creation, directions, and plans for each of us.


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