Police on the lookout for suspected drunk drivers during New Year's holiday

New Year’s Eve is a huge night for most everyone, which means crowds will be swarming toward all the night clubs and private parties. People feed off each the excitement, and sometimes things can get out of hand if safety precautions are not taken. Everyone wants to have an unforgettable night. 

The St. Joseph County Traffic Safety Partnership is offering the following common sense tips to celebrate smart:

  • Designate a Driver:
  • If you are going to be driving New Year’s Eve, don’t drink and drive. If you have a friend who does not prefer to drink, make sure they take the wheel. The Designated Driver needs to be cautious and it is important to be safe.
  • Be Alert: Be aware of your surroundings and how others are acting. Stay away from those who are out of control and might cause harm. Taking preventive measures is key to making the right choice. If someone is really intoxicated, prevent them from trying to drive or leaving with someone they do not know. It’s important to keep an eye out for each other.
  • Don’t Drive: If you don’t have to go behind the wheel, avoid it. More people will be driving under the influence on this particular night, so avoid a potentially dangerous crash by staying off the road. Otherwise, be alert and drive defensively. Most importantly, wear your seatbelt! Also, using public transportation is a wise option. If taking a cab, or Uber is too expensive, crashing at a friend’s place nearby is a convenient solution.
  • Stick Together: This way we can look out for our friends and family. Going out to parties and nightclubs means a fast-paced, crazy night; so be sure to travel in groups. Having a safety net around you in this environment, especially for women, is imperative.
  • Monitor your Alcohol Intake: A majority of people will be drinking on New Year’s Eve, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just be sure to pay attention to how much you and others are consuming. Drinking too much alcohol can have lethal affects. Be responsible.
  • Follow up your New Year’s Eve by making some New Year’s Resolutions and starting fresh!

The St. Joseph County Traffic Safety Partnership will have officers working overtime to look for impaired and dangerous drivers. St. Joseph County had a successful, New Year’s Eve, ringing in 2015 with no alcohol related arrests or crashes.

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