Elkhart man sentenced to 30 years in prison for January armed robberies

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Sheriff's Department)

In January, he robbed a woman in a Walmart parking lot and terrorized residents of a home that he robbed. This week, he’s going to prison.

Raymond Conway, 29, had a busy day on Jan. 19. He kicked down the door of a home and, while armed with a shotgun, threatened to shoot the three residents if they didn’t obey him. He and another man stole three TVs, some cell phones, prescriptions, and other items, according to the Elkhart Truth.

Later that day, he took a woman’s purse while he pinned her to her seat in the vehicle. He also threatened to kill her.

In court Thursday, he told Judge Terry Shewmaker that he deserved to go to prison. He indeed was sentenced to a total of 38 years in prison, with 8 years suspended. The bulk of the prison term comes from an armed burglary charge, which is a level 2 felony. That carries a sentence of 25 years, with four years suspended.

Judge Shewmaker rattled off a long list of drugs that Conway has used in the past: ecstasy, crack cocaine, synthetic marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription pills, cocaine, mushrooms and LSD.

Shewmaker did express confidence in Conway’s ability to turn his life around. He noted testimony from family members that described him as a “loving, hard-working man” before falling into drug addiction.



  1. That judge is dumb as hell ya 30 years when he gets out has a felony cant get a job What the heck you think he will do? Anybody who asks I did not even a third of what he did and cant get a job that judge has no clue!


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