Elkhart River Queen: 5 years later

Photo from www.elkhartriverqueen.com

The Elkhart River Queen continues to make memories for people who climb aboard. Now five years after it was given a second chance for life on the river.

The Elkhart Truth reports the landmark paddleboat was built in 1948 and since has served as a tour boat for countless excursions on the St. Joseph River.

The riverboat had to stop tours in 2013 after its hull developed rust-throughs and was deemed unsafe.

Two years later, non-for-profit organization called Save the Queen was formed to come to the boats rescue.

They did.

The group raised $200,000 for repairs and the boat has been floating ever since.

Osolo Township Board member Carol McDowell-Loshbough says she’ll donate her $2,400 annual salary from the township to the River Queen to help with maintenance costs.


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